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18 Sep Featured | Comments

Ella Fitzgerald said ‘Music is the universal language, it’s what brings people together’ and she certainly hit the nail on the head. VOICES has brought together so many kindred souls who have a passion for music and want to share their talent and give society a helping hand. It’s connected people who would have never met had it not been for the power of song. Music has given the VOICES team a second family and we are forever grateful.

In this two-part series, we will be sharing some of the most beautiful relationships that were born thanks to VOICES. From friends turning into family to fellow choir members becoming lovers for life, these are the treasured stories which continue to convey how truly music really does bring people together. Let’s begin.

Friends turned to sisters

We may not be sisters by blood but we’re definitely besties for life! I joined Voices in 2004 because Caroline Zarb literally dragged me into it. That same year I met Roslyn Debattista and just a couple of years later we met Elise Mangion who completed our crazy quartet. We’ll be sisters for life – Melissa Caruana

Choir members become lovers

‘My fiance and I Noel Zarb actually met during my first edition, and his last edition of VOICES 2016’ – Elena Mifsud

The audience is one of the most valuable members of the VOICES family and we’d love to welcome you to our tribe so book your tickets online here and get ready for to join a family of music enthusiasts

Watch out for the next blog where we will share a father and daughter VOICES duo, a mother, daughter and aunt trio and the amazing story of the heart and soul of VOICES – the Naudi family.



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