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08 Oct Featured | Comments

…Thousands and thousands of butterflies! The excitement levels soar to incredible heights! We can’t wait to welcome you to the MFCC for VOICES 2016, and we’re confident that you’ll love this year’s show. Our team of bloggers managed to steal Marianne Zerafa, Sarah Cutajar, Erika Gialanze, Josef (Zep) Micallef and Martin Chetcuti for a couple of minutes – here’s what this talented bunch shared.


Describe Voices by completing this sentence: Voices is….

Marianne Zerafa – …fun, amazing the way the voices all come together in a beautiful song, awesome

Sarah Cutajar – Voices is filled with so many wonderful emotions and memories that you will never have the perfect words to describe how it felt to be part of it, you just have to experience it yourself

Erika Gialanze – ….creating beautiful harmonies with lovely people

Josef (Zep) Micallef – …viewing Oneness In Chorus Enhancing Solidarity

Martin Chetcuti -… a celebration of Music. Family & friends come together for a good cause


Can you share your fondest memory from Voices? (rehearsal or performance)

Marianne Zerafa – In January 2010 my husband passed away and I had 2 teenage children who were trying to cope and finding their independence. So I was dreading how the Summer would pass. Thanks to the encouragement of my friend I applied to take part in VOICES and was selected. Thanks VOICES, in spite of everything Summer 2010 was a lovely one

Sarah Cutajar – Until now my fondest memories of Voices were the following: 1. I couldn’t stop jumping when I received the email of my acceptance in Voices after the Auditions. It was an amazing feeling knowing that I got in 🙂 2. The very first rehearsal of Voices was speechless. I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the different melodies and the coordination carried out with all those people present. 3. In the last performance of the song “Something inside so strong” I couldn’t hold back the tears while singing the song, knowing that my first edition of Voices is over.

Erika Gialanze – Eating apple crumble in Martina Caruana’s Beatle together with all the other repo

Josef (Zep) Micallef – Achieving the Louis Naudi Award back in 2008… A memorable experience indeed

Martin Chetcuti – The rehearsals when we laughed, we cried, we played, we danced, we prayed – we always did these things together. My absolute favourite moment was when we were asked for an encore our performance for ‘Saturday Night Fever’ ten nights in a row.


Why should people come and watch Voices Celebration?

Marianne Zerafa – VOICES is awesome

Sarah Cutajar – People should come for VOICES to enjoy and be amazed by the wonderful melodies one can create with music, to help those in need and less fortunate, to get shivers down their spine and jump in their seats throughout the songs for ONE LAST TIME 🙂

Erika Gialanze – It is all for a good cause

Josef (Zep) Micallef – As the theme suggests, a celebration of 25 years of music as well as contributing one final time towards the beneficiaries shortlisted for this year.

Martin Chetcuti – The feel good factor , being part of the bigger picture , money collected for a voluntary organizations & having FUN at the same time


We’re sure you’re getting into the VOICES spirit and we can’t to welcome you to MFCC this weekend for what we promise will definitely me a memorable night of music. Remember to invite your family and friends to join the fun! Book your tickets online here. See you this weekend.


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