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We would like to thank all those who support Voices and made Voices – ‘Listen to the Music’ –  a memorable one

Special thanks go to:-

The Directors,

The Choir,

The Band,

The Compères,

Gege Gatt,

The Stage Crew,

The Sound People,

The Lighting People,

The Front of House,

The Merchandising Team,

MCC & The Manoel Theatre Staff,

The Sponsors,

All those who helped make this possible.


A BIG THANK YOU GOES TO THE 14,000 patrons who filled up the Mediterranean Conference Center on all the  10 Nights and for joining in the fun with us.





  • Abigail Zarb says:

    This was definitly a wonderful experience and special thanks goes to all who are part of this big family…You all made VOICES 2010 a memorable one. Well done to everyone…Love, Abi xxx

  • Julia Bonett says:

    Excellent show, and it gets better and better each time. Well done to all – keep up the hard work !

  • Yazmin Helledie says:

    VOICES this year was fantastic [as always]
    After having a taste of VOICES 2 years ago when I sang a solo at the age of 13, I know that it was something that will always be very special to me! And it has taught me a few lessons too 🙂

    We’ll be waiting another 2 years.

    VOICES will always be in my heart <3 🙂 x

  • Marilyn Mintoff says:

    Thank you all for making me feel part of VOICES family… I really enjoyed the enthusiasm and energy!!!! Thanks to all those who made this edition of voices a memorable one! I can’t wait for next voices to start 🙂

  • Johanna Bartolo says:

    Being a member of the Voices family is something to be proud of … Thank you all for making it happen and for sharing a wonderful experience. – Love you all Johanna xxx

  • Josanne Cassar says:

    I think Martina during the cast party summed it well when she said that the “newbies” this year joined Voices with just the right attitude and embraced what being in the choir really means.
    It’s a love of singing yes, of course, but it’s also that feeling of being “one” which takes us from being just another choir, to a group of people of all ages who leave their day jobs behind and create beautiful music together during those special magical three hours on stage.
    Thank you VOICES 2010 reminded me once again why I joined ten years ago and you allowed me to recapture that indescribable special feeling.

  • Lucianne Cutajar says:

    This was my first VOICES experience…and to be honest I never expected this much from it, it is something magical which I cannot explain, the positive vibe in the group is something so hard to experience…that feeling of love, kindness, happiness which made me feel welcome from day 1 of rehearsals back in July. Love you VOICES!!! xxxxxxxx

  • Petra Galea Debono says:

    I missed two years ago’s performance… Being in the audience was fun, but also very hard! I think I can safely say that this year I made up for the both years!!! I had a great time… more than a great time!! There are no words….

    Love all around xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Josanne Cassar says:


    Enrica Degabriele
    so sad so sad 🙁 this is honestly one of the best experiences anyone could be a part of 🙂 lets all please keep in touch!

    Krissie Zammit Endrich
    I just want to join the list of people saying thank you for one of the best experiences of my life. It’s been an honour!

    Gianluca Bezzina
    Thanks so much! i can never explain how amazing this voices experience was 🙂 10x everyone 🙂 🙂 10x 10x 10x…im missing you already….so much!! just can’t wait to sing in the rain 😛

    Hazel Fettes
    To feel so sad about saying au revoir can only come about because we had so many wonderful times together. In that sense, we’re a lucky, lucky bunch. Not many people in this world can even come close to realising a bittersweet moment such as this.

    Grazzi tal kollox u im’hobbok dejjem ta dejjem.

    [Jekk joghbokk ‘scuse the spelling (and the grammar) but you know what I mean :))]

    Lana Grech
    Each and every one of you have touched my heart. I have strengthened friendships and made new ones… Thank you all for making Voices 2010 the best I have ever experienced 🙂

    Ian Sammut Dacoutros
    What can one say? What words fit? People u all amazing. Each and every one! Voices…. Words are not enough!!! Thank you!!!!

    Alexia Curmi
    Well done!!! All I can say is that it has been a pleasure once again ladies and gentlemen. I love you all millions and thank you all so much for making this voice etra special for me and making me feel welcome and sane!!!!! Well as sane as I can be really

    Darling Farr
    I would like to thank everyone for making my first voices experience an amazing one!! Watching voices and experiencing voices are two different things! Voices has made Summer 2010 one to remember :)…thanks to everyone 😀 Missing you all already xoxo

    Maria Vella-Galea
    A big thank you to all for making this experience so amazing is all I can say as everyone seems to have summed up the whole experience! Well done to all for your commitment, talent and spirit!

    Klara Grech
    thank u alll for such a great experience….u all bought that extra special touch to voices…thanks soooo much for everything….i cannot put to words what this experience meant…its indescribable…really and truly….it was beyond amazing…

    Elena Mifsud
    VOICES 2010 was an amazing unforgettable experience. Wish to thank all those who were part of it, together we gave amazing performances, entertained thousands of people, will help a lot of persons with the money collected and had a great time together. Gonna misss uuuu. Well done to everyone xxxxxxxx

    Tracy Pulis
    Thanks everyone… You all made this a wonderful unforgettable experience…. Well Done to everybody xxxx

  • Josanne Cassar says:

    MORE comments from Facebook group:

    Jessica Zammit
    what can i say guys.well done to all of us and to everyone who made this happen………i’m really sad all this is over……….cu in 2 years time love u all xxxxxxxxxx

    Roxana-Mihaela Caruana
    voices, u have been the missing link in my life.. you made me believe in a world i was always sceptical about… so for that, i thank you from the very depths of my heart. i’m sorry i was not as outgoing as i should have been – but thats me… im strange and weird.. and no body judged me… so thanks again 🙂 will see you all in 2012 (and hopefully for the rai 2 thingy 😀 xxx)

    Edward Camilleri
    Wow…this year was super extra mega FANTASTIC!!!! and this thanks to you all….choir, band, committee, back stage crew, sound, lights, front of house…everyone..going to miss you all guys! May God continue to bless us all! We are such a great bunch of people! Prosit! 🙂

    Carly-Marie Caruana
    Dear Voices,
    I feel like I should say something now that this wonderful experience is over! 🙁 . I would like to thank every single one of you who made Voices 2010 possible and more over who made these past 4 months so special! It was my first Voices experience and it will surely NOT be my last!!! Thank you xxx (cu soon and that’s a promise 🙂 )

    Mark Bartolo
    I wish to thank you all for a wonderful experience! It was nice getting to know you and partying with you yesterday! 🙂

    Abigail Zarb
    Thanks to everyone who made this experience sooo special…xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Josanne Cassar says:


    Melissa Caruana
    What can I say guys?! the concerts rocked but the after party rocked harder!! 🙂 it was a pleasure working with all of you, and though I’m totally and utterly exhausted I must admit I will miss it!! xxxx love you all

    Stephanie Attard
    Thanks alll for this year’s Voices 2010. It wass GREATT to share it with such GREATT people and must say that this year was one of the bestest edition for me. Well done to everybody xxxxx

    Roxanne Marie Grech
    Thanks everyone for making my first Voices experience a one to remember!! 🙂 You were all fantastic!! Really missing you guys 🙁 … hope we organise something and meet soon 😉 Love ya!!! =D xxxx

    Leah Ann Borg
    I’de like to take this opportunity to thank EACH AND EVERYONE of you guys!!!!! you made my dream come true!!! I’ve been dreaming of joining the Voices family for a VERY long time. never had the gutts to do it though! i was afraid i wouldnt fit in but u guys proved me wrong FROM THE FIRST REHERSAL!!!!! THANK YOU SSSSOOOOO MUCH!!!!! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX LOVE YOU ALL! AND I REALLY HOPE I SEE U ALL VERY SOON XXXXXXXXX

    Pauline Baldacchino
    … wow… what energy! seeing you all here dear friends sets the vibe again. I’m really happy that finally I managed to form part of this great family – just super. The tiredness i had, used to vanished on stage as we all did our best to make others happy and together give that little something to those in need. thanks a lot dear friends for such a great experience!! am already missing our concerts and being with you all!! x x

    Sarah Vella
    how can one say no to Voices 2012 after such an amazing Voices 2010? we rocked ta vera e! 😀

    Marilyn Mintoff
    My My myyy…..Proset to EVERYONE….VOICES 2010 was incredible!!! Thanks for making this experience truly wonderful 🙂 lookin forward to meeting you all xxx

  • Faye Micallef-Grimaud says:

    I would like to thank everyone who somehow or another had anything to do with VOICES 2010. It has been an amazing experience and I can’t even explain the way I felt in every show/rehearsal. It was just perfect.
    Also, knowing that we’ve done all this for a GREAT cause, to help all those in need, makes it feel even more special. The dress rehearsal felt real, it felt like nothing else mattered, but seeing our special audience enjoy themselves so much and knowing that by doing something we love which is singing and performing, we would be putting smiles on their faces. What a phenomenal feeling!!
    A great pity it has all come to an end. I guess it’s true when they say ‘time flies when you’re having fun.’ I have met such wonderful people, who now I can proudly say are my friends! 🙂
    It has been such a fantastic experience for us all. Thank you everyone, for making my very first Voices adventure, an UNFORGETTABLE one!!

    Love you all xxx

  • fenderbirds says:

    nice article, keep the posts coming

  • Josanne Cassar says:

    Sandrina DeGabriele
    Thank you all so much for making my first VOICES experience so memorable. You are all such Special People!! You’re Great! xxx

    Sarah Jacobsen
    A huge thank you to all of you for making my fist Voices experience one of the best I have ever had! It is so difficult to describe exactly what it has all done for me… has been wonderful and cannot thank everyone enough for alllowing me to share in this wonderful experience and to become part of this fantastic family! Am missing it all already and really hope it won’t be too long before we meet up again xxxx 🙂

    Karen Zarb-Piscopo
    Maaaaaaa!! I can’t believe it’s over!! I wish we could all go back to July and start over!!! I am missing you all soooooooooooooooooooo much!!! Shall we petition for another concert? Yesterday was a blast!!! Ma inix qed nara art dalodu imma it was well worth every minute of it.

    A BIGGG thank you to everybody who were part of VOICES 2010. I can’t explain my feelingg because right now i feel like breaking down and crying!!! I miss everybody soooooo much!! It was the BESTEST experience ever…and nothing can compare to the new friends I made along the way. We will try to meet up sooooonnn and hopefully in 2012 for another great experience!! Hugs n Kisses to all!! xxx

    Ruth Grima
    This page has become like the Post Voices Support group and I don’t blame anyone one of you for having the withdrawal symptoms 🙁 …im sorry I could not join in the fun last noght at Hacienda but i was (and still am lol) sick!…Thanks to EVERYONE for making this edition of Voices so much fun and friendly!! I made so many new friends and meeting up with a few oldies was great too!! Keep safe all of you and hoping to see you all soon! 🙂 xxxx

    Kristina Frendo
    Thanks for yesterday people, you’re all lovely 🙂 can’t wait to meet up again!!!! x x x x
    Thanks for making this journey a memorable one…xxxxxx

    prosit kumitat and everyone who had a part in conceiving VOICES… what a magic formula you’ve created… you could probably solve world hunger in 1 year if you set your minds to it :D… thank you to all who keep VOICES snowballing, the directors, band, crew, singers, sound and visual team, makeup artists… thanks so much for the opportunity, LOVE YOU WAHDA KBIRA

    Lara Camilleri
    …. ahhh what can I say – this has definitely been one of the bestest experiences in my life!!! Voices gives that special feeling which you won`t find anywhere else!! Thank you all for making this experience a memorable one…. gonna miss you all so so much…. lets try and meet up more often :))

    Kris Scicluna
    thanks for everything guys, i love you! and im missing you!

    Josef Micallef Ka Zep
    Just returned home and before heading off to work i just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU to ALL OF YOU who made this experience a gr8 one! Love you ALL! See you soon 🙂

    Emanuel J. Ellul
    Guys, yesterday was simpy amazing. Thanks to each and every one of you ;-).

    Rebekah Busuttil
    I still can’t believe its over…I keep listening to the songs and picturing us on stage / during rehersals / backstage etc. This was a wonderful journey with all of you. Its an amazing experience that words alone can’t describe – VOICES exceeded all my expectations of several years of yearning to be part of such a strong family. YOU made it possible!! THANK YOU to everyone who took part & contributed to such a success, to all those who made it possible and to the new friends whom I’m blessed to have found!!! Xxxx hope to meet up soon!!

    Luana Fenech
    I have to say to every single one of you a big thnks for all your help for a person like me you. all of you really made a difference in my life. voices for me is a miracle and a blessing and a dream come true and I say how lucky i am to have people like you around me. if my mama were still alive she would be the happiest mum seeing her daughter up on stage with you all, not coming home crying from school because she was bullied again. so I have to say a big thnks on her behalf and to the rest of my family, my dad and my brother as well. Mama i did it all again .. please bless us all from heaven love you all

    Martina Farrugia
    Being a first timer, it’s an experience I would do in a heartbeat! I have had an UNDECRIBLE TIME! I hope to remain in contact with you all!!

    Sarah Salafia
    I just want to thank everybody who made this voices experience such an amazing one!!! – Comitee, directors, band as well as old and new friends in the choir.


    keep in touch and hope to see you all again for yet another mind-blowing experience in two year’s time!!! x x x

    Charles Ellul
    I arrived home at 02:00 this morning not having the energy join the rest of you at Hacienda. I still couldn’t sleep and spent a couple of hours thinking about the hurricane that had just passed over me names Voices. Now like Sharon I had a few hours in which to put my thoughts together and all I can say is: Yau are all (and I mean ALL) a fantastic group. I am very proud that I had the opportunity to work and have fun with all of you. I have learnt a lot from these past weeks and beleive me it is all positive.
    One particular person I would like to thank is my daughter Joanna who convinced me to join Voices – thanks Jo.
    As they say all good things come to an end and Voices was a very good thing, however now there is a new beginning and we should all look forward to the next time. In the meantime keep on singing as it is a wonderful experience.
    Thanks for taking me on board, you are all simply great.

    Daryl Ebejer

    one of the many great things I’ve noticed is the big number of same family members in the choir…….that is truly awesome….to share such a wonderfull experience with your daughter must be an amzing feeling!! ………maybe in about 4 years’ time for me 🙂

    Faye Micallef Grimaud
    I would like to thank everyone who somehow or another had anything to do with VOICES 2010. It has been an amazing experience and I can’t even explain the way I felt in every show/rehearsal. It was just perfect.

    Also, knowing that we’ve done all this for a GREAT cause, to help all those in need, makes it feel even more special. The dress rehearsal felt real, it felt like nothing else mattered, but seeing our special audience enjoy themselves so much and knowing that by doing something we love which is singing and performing, we would be putting smiles on their faces. What a phenomenal feeling!!

    A great pity it has all come to an end. I guess it’s true when they say ‘time flies when you’re having fun.’ I have met such wonderful people, who now I can proudly say are my friends! 🙂

    It has been such a fantastic experience for us all. Thank you everyone, for making my very first Voices adventure, an UNFORGETTABLE one!!

    Sharon Debattista
    I thought I’d let a few hours go by before posting my own thoughts. So here they are! I am now considered to be a veteran and an oldie of this choir – 18 years and 10 editions can give one alot of perspective! I can honestly say that this is one of the very best years so far – music wise we had the stongest choir I have ever heard, plus we had so many new members and great new soloists join the fold. What we have created is something so very magical and no words can be used to describe it. Only past, present and future Voices members will ever truly know what it means to be part of such a strong and defining family. Now that the music will be put on hold for a while, treasure the new friendships formed, strengthen them and keep each other in your hearts. I can safely say that most of my closest friends have been made through Voices along the years. Nothing ties people together more than doing great things for others that are less fortunate than us.

    You all have my heart and support, now and always. Love you all!

  • Josianne Zammit says:

    WOW! This year’s concert was really great. The choir really created a fantastic vibe. The organisation and the professionalism involved keeps on improving everytime.Now that this year’s concerts are over, I can imagine how ’empty’ the choir members must be feeling. Although I haven’t joined Voices for a while I still feel very much a part of it and will be itching to jump on stage during the concert. A BIG well done to all involved and really look forward to the next one! Viva La Vida!!!

  • Joyce says:

    Voices Listen to Music very great show!! I enjoy it so much Thank you to all the Team work very Fantastic show!!!!

  • Marika Warrington says:

    I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for welcoming me in the fantastic group of VOICES! This was my first time and now I can really understand what it feels to feel part of the VOICES family. It is something one can’t explain and I feel like a lost a little part of me but then again gained many lovely new friends! I’m so SAD that it’s over but have lovely memories to keep me going. WELL DONE EVERYONE xxxxx

  • Marika Warrington says:

    Hope we meet again!!

  • cynthia says:

    VOICES are fortunate because apart from talent, we have the diversity to make us interesting: different characters, heights 🙂 ambitions and needs, and of course, voices. But the common factor in all this is our awesome choir conductors who keep us on track, bring us tightly together, allow us just enough room to be individually unique and yet help us to stand out as ONE HELL OF A UNIQUE 200-STRONG CHOIR. And the Band are the cherry on the cake. Well done everyone.

  • Josephine Xuereb says:

    Well done to all! This was my first time attending the show. You were simply great…keep it up guys! Looking forward to the next show:)

  • jean, jackie nina and "bump" says:

    just a short note to thank you all for such an amazing night. I t was like i was 18 again. I jumped till i dropped… we really missed you guys this year but priorities are important…we deliver in 4 weeks….We will be there again with entire family in 2 years’ time…God bless u all for your amazing work once again…..u evviva ir ‘repos’….lol

  • Myriam Warrington says:

    Congratulations! The show was amazing. I am so happy that I FINALLY managed to come and see the concert with my family. We all enjoyed it tremendously. My 16 year old daughter who is studying voice would like to be there next time round. It was a great way to celebrate my husband’s birthday too. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I just wished it would never finish. Keep up the good work. You are a great credit to Malta. VOICES YOU DO US PROUD.

  • Alex Cassola says:

    As a first timer I must admit that I was not expecting to have SUCH a wonderful time!! I was proven wrong 🙂 It has been a great experience and will miss it and everyone involved. Will be looking forward to audition again in 2012 😛 hope to meet up every once in a while

  • Annelise Borg says:

    Voices was EVERYTHING it promised to be and MORE 🙂 I feel my Summer was put to very good use thanks to it!

    And although I can’t think of this Voices experience without a tear coming to my eye right now, I will always look back and feel grateful to the people who pushed me to audition, the people who accepted me, the people who made it lovely, and the people who made it possible 🙂

    I encourage people to take a chance and audition, and if you’re not much for singing, I certainly encourage you to come and watch. My father isn’t a theater goer, the only reason he came to watch this year was to see me. When I came home he told me that the ticket was worth every penny and more. And also, he plans to take his sisters with him the next time he comes to watch Voices 🙂

    We are not special or amazing people, but together we unconditionally chose to create something beautiful!

    I feel privileged to have taken part 🙂 I think it would have been harder for me to watch such a beautiful show, than to have dedicated most of my summer to it!

  • Sue Weenink says:

    Wow – what a tribute to an event which started out so small and yet has accomplished so much in the 20 years of its lifetime. Flossie – Louis would be so thrilled and I am sure he is ! For me, Voices was a different experience this time round, having decided to take a back seat from the Committee. But for the first time ever, I came to the show not having heard not even one song, not even one rehearsal, and was wowed from the very first number. I knew this was a special edition – I could feel it radiating from the choir, from the band. I am so proud to be associated with this event – who knows, maybe 2012…..??? Ma nafx…..

  • Kevin Vella says:

    I think this was my 6th time attending for this amazing event. The energy coming out from these concerts is incredible. I’ve already started the countdown for the next in 2012…. Well done to all involved.

  • Marthese Galea says:

    A big THANK YOU for being accepted as a newbie. I felt so comfortable being part of this well-known choir. Pheww!! what a great emotional feeling….:)) Thanks again & well done everyone…luv ya..hugsssss

  • Steffie Weenink says:

    Wow 🙂 What a show it was this year! I really enjoyed it – espescially the last night, it was really special to see the choir and band and everyone involved so .. energetic! Although every night was special in itself 😉
    I’m waiting eagerly for the next one 😀
    And waiting even more eagerly for a few more years to pass so that I can finally audition after being invloved ‘cos of my mum for so long! 😛
    Steffie xxx

  • Stephanie Borg says:

    The memories of VOICES 2010 are just endless & unforgettable, and thinking that it was all for a good cause makes it all the more special! It could not have been any better! I’m really proud of having been a part of it. It totally exceeded my expectations. It was my first time and it sure won’t be the last. Thanks to everyone! xxx

    If like me, you hear a song playing and you can’t help not singing along with it… or you’re constantly humming tunes throughout the day of some song that’s buzzing in your head… or you never get tired of singing and dancing to music, then VOICES is definitely the place for you. As for me, there is nothing better. What could I possibly want more? 🙂

  • Sarah Vella says:

    this sums up Voices, in my opinion: “Many persons have a wrong idea of what constitutes true happiness. It is not attained through self gratification but through fidelity to a worthy purpose.” (Helen Keller)

  • Hope to see you with us in full force on the Committee again for 2012 Sue!!!!

  • Yvonne Naudi says:

    Last Thursday was a memorable night. It was my first time, but it was extremely wonderful. You were all great. Keep it up and God bless you all. Looking forward to more of the same:-)

  • Noel Zarb says:

    What can I say really about an experience that has rendered the same sentiment for three editions in a row??? Nothing much. However, there was something different and I still have to discover what it is.

    Great Song Selection, Great teamwork, Great singers, Great directors, Great Lights, Great Sound, Great Artistic Direction, Great MakeUp, Great Crew….it was really one of the best VOICES ever.

    The energy on stage, and the after party yesterday were the culmination of this wonderful experience.

    I, for one, would like to thank the audience that packed 10 nights at the MCC, because we mention everyone that organises VOICES (rightly so) but we should not forget that if it weren’t for the audience all of our efforts would have been for nothing. As usual, the Maltese public never fails to help those in need. Finally, Well Done to the Committee for this year’s edition. We ROCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    A well done to the Louis Naudi Award Winners as well. I’m sure that somewhere above us, Louis Naudi was singing along with us all throughout!!!!

  • Dorothy Borg Bonnici says:

    This was the 6th time I took part in VOICES and in my opinion it was the best one from all aspects, including organisation, choice of songs, choir…everything. What impressed me most was how well we bonded together as a group, both ‘oldies’ and ‘newbies’; we were enjoying this experience as if we’ve known each other for ages. And one night I REALLY, REALLY enjoyed was the dress rehearsal: for me that small group of people was worth ten times a packed MCC hall – the shows couldn’t have started any better… could we invite more people next time? Well done to everyone, sincerely. Hope to be there again in 2012… xxxxxx

  • Deborah Vella says:

    I always thought VOICES had this special something but I never thought that takingpart in it was this special. This year will be imprinted in my memory andin my heart as this was an marvelous journey. I am so proud I did part of this family and would always DO!!! THank you to all the special people surrounding VOICES!! X XX X X X ENJOYED EVERY SECOND AND WILL SUREY MISS EVERY SECOND OF IT!!

  • daryl ebejer says:

    I have to admit that I was TOTALLY BLOWN AWAY by this experience!I remember seeing Voices on t.v. and thinking”these people are having a heck of a time!..someday i want a piece of this cake” what I did’nt realise was that behind a great show there is lots of work.I found that out this year 🙂 as the saying goes … reap what you sow..sure we worked hard all summer long……remember those sweaty reheasals? but the final product was amazing 🙂 I think all of those who like me were newbies will treasure this experience for life.Its not easy to find such comradely in such a big group but i guess the fact that we were all doing this for others was significant.
    The dress rehearsal with our special guests as audience hit the right chord for me,It was an amazing feeling to hear the audience react to their particular favourite song.It made me even more aware that music can truly move the soul and at least during our show these people left behind their worries and had a good time.
    A big thanks to ALL involved!!

  • Charline Borg says:

    Din is-sena kelli ix-xorti li f’voices niehu sehem
    U il vera kuntenta ghax esperjenza tal-genn,
    Zmien twil ta preparazjoni
    Li timliek b’hafna emozzjoni,
    Nies mimlijin b’energija kbira
    ……jaghmlu xi haga minghajr skopp li jaqalaw lira,
    Izda kuntenti bil-hin kollu li qataw fih,
    Ghaliex jafu li em xi hadd li ha jibenifika bih.
    B’don li gie mibghut lilom mil-bambin,
    U li mhux sew li int izommu biss ghalik
    Hbiberiji godda ma persuni ta kull eta
    Li jien ha nibqa insahah bl’akbar onesta
    Naghlaq billi niringrazja lil kull persuna
    U sentejn ohra int! idhol ukoll tibqax lura 😀

  • Norah Abela says:

    wow a truly great performance. please do not forget to take into consideration adding some animal sanctuaries to your list of would mean so much to them and you would b helping immensely!! they really need our help.

    After all the animals they give shelter to are the pets once owned by heartless people who let them without food or shelter rain or shine 🙁 really sad!

  • flossie says:

    guys, i’ve got tears teeming down my face and no its not because of the rain!!! Sue….. yes i’m definite Louis is thrilled. Matthew summed it up in two sentences “How great it is to hear all the positive comments and feelings coming from anybody involved in VOICES. I’m sure papa is overwhelmed by the way they embraced and nurtured his dream.”

    THANKS everybody for keeping in mind the WHY louis created VOICES. its been a great and emotional time and i look forward to the next one.

  • Doriette Caruana says:

    Thank you so much to VOICES organisers who gave me/us this opportunity to take part in such a great cause, such an honour. I LOVED EVERY MOMENT, Rehearsals and Concerts. The trill when you are up on the stage is AMAZING… thank you, thank you once again for giving me such a lovely summer 🙂

  • Clyde Ellul says:

    I feel privileged to have shared such a wonderful experience with you, and for being part of such a great family!

    Thanks to everyone for all the hard work and friendship.

    Looking forward to seeing most of you in 2 years’ time. 🙂

  • Daniel Micallef Grimaud says:

    Apart from being so amazing that this charitable act could draw so many strangers together and make them one family, the resulting friendships make the end of this year’s edition so emotionally tough for us all… still the pride and satistaction that’s now embedded within each and every one of us is our trophy of achievement. I couldn’t have imagined as a newcomer that this common factor of music could make this experience such a multi-faceted reward. Well done to all involved, and a big thanks to organisers as well as our enthusiastic audience!

  • Nadine Galea says:

    I really cannot explain the sadness and emptiness I’m feeling since Voices came to an end this year and have been in tears and missing everyone. The shows were all great thanks to everyone involved who made it all happen and the motivation and energy we all had was magnificent. This year has been one of the best years in Voices and adding more to that I felt that it left something so special in my heart. Voices will always remain a part of my life. I feel that it’s my duty to take part and give my all in it. Nominated as a finalist for the Louis Naudi Award was something extra special and it left me speechless but with such a feeling that I really can’t describe. What I know is that I am so looking forward to the moment we all meet again. Am missing you all. Thanks for the wonderful experience you all gave me once again.

  • thank you all 4 everything! as a newcomer this experience has been quite frankly indescribable!

  • Odette Bonello says:

    Thank you for the wonderful experience; definitely never forgotten. It was lovely to meet all the members of the choir. Thanks also to the The Choir directors who are very professional yet down to earth. I had lovely comments from everybody who came to see us and that together with the worthy cause for which VOICES is held cannot not give each one of us real heartfelt satisfaction.

  • Vincienne Farrugia says:

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! no words can be appropriate enough to describe the emotions of satisfaction, gratefulness, fun, belonging, solidarity, unity, friendship, joy… that we felt during the 11 performances, including the one for the benefiting institutions on Tuesday. Every single one of us did a marvelous job.. WELL DONE!! & looking forward to see you again! take good care of yourselves. huuugssss

  • Josanne Cassar says:

    thank you for all the wonderful comments…what a nice tribute to the memory of Louis who sat down one day at the kitchen table with Flossie because he had “this idea”…

  • Carnen Fenech says:

    I am missing you all so much.It was the greatest experience of my life.I enjoyed every moment from rehearsals to performing nights even though it was hard and hectic,wish to be there in 2012.

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