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Got the curiosity bug? VOICES Bloggers to the rescue!

31 Aug Featured | Comments
Got the curiosity bug? VOICES Bloggers to the rescue!

Every two years some of Malta’s talented artists join forces with an incredible chorus and entertain thousands of music lovers. Here we are today celebrating our last curtain call, our very own grand finale so yes, we are nostalgic – can you blame us? So when VOICES bloggers and VOICES pioneers met for a chat, the most marvelous little tit-bits of information were suddenly brought to light. Here are four of our favourite classic moments!


1. Picture it. It’s 1991 and the very first VOICES Choir are backstage, the stage fright is immense, the energy levels sky high. For this first edition, someone had the bright idea of giving each choir member a candle – ‘to create ambiance’ they said. The curtain goes up, the band starts playing, the choir panics and rushes almost frantically onstage, causing the flames to blow out! Phew, we were close to causing a local catastrophe!

2. Back in 2014 (Voices Heart and Soul), a crew member was meant to throw a couple of drops of water on compere Ron Briffa’s head – just because the script said he should. Well on the last night, the tiny drops turned into a whole bucket of water. Poor RON ended up soaking wet.

3. Now let’s travel back to 2012 (Dream a little Dream edition). The stage lights overheated and caught fire! The choir had to improvise and rush to the other side of the stage, they kept singing ever so beautifully (that’s how awesome they are)

4. 2012 really was the year for drama. On the very same night, just a couple of seconds before the show started, with the choir already on stage ready to sing the first notes! Thanks to a technical glitch (yes these things really do happen) the sound in the auditorium died completely and the choir had to be ushered off stage. Thanks to our amazing VOICES crew, the technical fault was solved in minutes.

Now, do you want to be part of history and join the incredible crowd of music aficionados for the very last VOICES Concert? Book your tickets for your family and friends here and get ready for a spectacular night of memorable music.


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