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Fun Facts about the VOICES Choir

22 Aug Featured | 1 comment
Fun Facts about the VOICES Choir

Ready for 5mins of VOICES fun facts? Hold on tight because we’ve collected some intriguing and ever so interesting VOICES fun facts which might knock you off your feet literally …. (Disclaimer – this might be a slight exaggeration but we’re super excited about this year’s edition and our excitement is addictive so watch out!).

Now that you’ve got a teaser of this year’s talented line up, it’s high time we introduce you to the VOICES Celebration Choir so we’re dedicating our first collection of VOICES Fun Facts to them, because hey, they’re a super cool, extraordinarily talent bunch of artists.

Fun Fact 1:

The very first VOICES choir was made of just 70 members, 25 years later and it’s now up to 200 choristers singing their heart out!

Fun Fact 2:

The very first song ever performed by the VOICES choir was the Jerusalem hymn, which was then performed again during the Tell me Why concerts. Will it be included in this year’s finale? We’ll keep you guessing.

Fun Fact 3:

Ever wondered how the choir manages to create all those breath-taking harmonies? Well, the VOICES Choir is made up of six different vocal groups, they’re our secret to sweet success.

Fun Fact 4:

The VOICES CELEBRATION choir is solely made up of past choir members who have sung in at least one previous VOICES concert so it’s going to be a phenomenal reunion and they’ll all belting their heart out.

Fun Fact 5:

Love memorabilia? Well the VOICES Choir are obsessed especially because this is our last VOICES Concert so they rummaged through a couple of extremely old and squeaky cabinets and on a quest to find old VOICES T-Shirts and look what they found!!

Curious to discover more fun facts? We don’t blame you. Follow us on FB, we’ll reveal more there. Oh and if you haven’t booked your tickets yet it’s about time you do so we’re going to make it super simple for you, just press this button here.


One comment

  • cynthia says:

    I’m making a short presentation about VOICES and searching through different pages of information, I became nostalgic. I do hope we will see VOICES again on stage x

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